The Team

Nicholas Ananda – Founder, Director & CEO, Bumblebee Sports and Fitness

Nicholas Ananda is a professional tennis coach, certified by the Kenya Lawn Tennis Association (KLTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).  Nicholas, commonly referred to as Coach Nick has accumulated a rich experience in the sport to the ability of running national Assignment as a coach and raising a player from beginner level to joining the National team. Nick’s passion in tennis did not start the other day, he played tennis as a junior in Kenya and only changed focus coaching where it fulfilled its passion of passing the sport to younger ones and building champions, and also gave him a chance to earn from his talent. While coming up with the name Bumblebee Sports and Fitness, Nick’s inspiration came from the theory of the bumblebee which don’t have the ability to fly but because it does not know, it flies anyway, this then inspired him to believe that no child is limited and they can achieve whatever goal.

Esther Saya – Co-Founder,Director & Operations Manager, Bumblebee Sports and Fitness

Esther is a sports enthusiast who has played tennis since she was a teenager.With her tennis background,she understands the opportunities that come with sporting talents especially when nurtured at a tender age. Esther is highly passionate about sports nurturing & tapping into sporting opportunities for the upcoming champions. She has a professional background with a degree in Finance & accounting,pursuing a masters degree in data science and analytics. and currently practicing in the project management field. Her professional life has not limited her in any way in pursuing her vision and ambitions in tennis and sports as a whole.