Terms and Conditions

Bumblebee Sports Terms and Conditions of Sale in booking on to Bumblebee Sports program, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of sale as outlined below. It is important that all customers read and understand these conditions before booking a place on any program.

Description of Service

Bumblebee Sports provide multi sports coaching services and tournaments in line with the sport chosen. All our sessions are conducted by qualified coaches
• The brand names Bumblebee Sports Bumblebee Tennis, Bumblebee Soccer and/or any other name in relation to a sport may be used to describe the services offered. In these instances the customer understands that the Bumblebee Sports terms and conditions govern these operations.

Parent's information

• Bumblebee Sports reserve the right to refuse admission or ask a parent to remove a child without prior notice.
• All parents are required to be respectful to all members of staff and use appropriate language and behavior and vice versa. Physical or verbal abuse of staff will not be tolerated.


• Parents are not to consult Bumblebee Sports coaches during a session. Parents may however discuss their child’s progress with the coach before or after the session.
• If you require more information regarding a child’s progress please call the sport coordinator (sport coordinator details available on phoning Bumblebee Sports Head Office or on request at the venue).

Parent/carer volunteers

• Parents/carers are recognised as their childs first and most important teachers, regardless of individual and family circumstances. It is therefore our goal to use these strengths where possible.
• If parents/carers would like to become an active volunteer, they should contact the sport coordinator (sport coordinator details available on phoning Bumblebee Sports Head Office or on request at the venue).
 Parents are requested to avoid any interference during sessions unless for safety reasons or on request from the coach.


• The applicant agrees to pay the appropriate fees as advertised for the sport chosen. Bumblebee Sports reserves the right to change the sport cost before or during the course.
• Once the payment has been made it is non-refundable under any circumstances. Bumblebee Sports is not responsible for non-attendance due to illness or any event out of Bumblebee Sports control.
• Payment must be received before the program start date by cash or cheque payment unless alternative arrangements have been agreed. Customers who have not paid will not be accepted into sessions unless prior agreement with Bumblebee Sports has been made.
• Cash, cheque or M-PESA payment (call 0725 795 305) are the preferred methods of payments. Receipts will be issued on request.


• A child will only be allowed to attend the session once payment in full has been received.
• Bumblebee Sports must be informed of the individuals who have permission to collect each child from the club.
• Bumblebee Sports programs are sold on a first come first served basis with a capacity as advertised for the individual sport. After the capacity is reached, a reserve list will be created.
• A child may only attend the program when the full details asked for on the application form have been completed and handed in. It is the parent/carers responsibility to keep contact details and medical information up to date

Medical information

• Any medical equipment must be provided by the parent and labeled (e.g. asthma pump etc). It is the parent’s responsibility to let the Bumblebee Sports member of staff know how to use the equipment.
• Staff are not permitted to administer any type of prescribed medication under any circumstances to any child.
• Children are not permitted to bring any over the counter medication to Bumblebee Sports sessions, including throat sweets and lip salve.
• By agreeing to the terms and conditions, Bumblebee Sports coaches are given permission to administer first aid to any child should injury/illness occur, within their capabilities and qualification.

Food allergies and other conditions

• If your child has any type of allergy or other condition such as epilepsy please ensure that the appropriate part of the booking form has been completed in order to make Bumblebee Sports aware.
• In the event that your child develops a condition during our program, please notify the sport coordinator with immediate effect.

Health rules

• Even though all safety precaution, supervision and first aid will be taken, Bumblebee Sports and it’s assignees will not be held liable incase of injury or loss that may occur during practice as this is a sporting activity as any other which is likely to have accidents.
• In the unlikely event of an accident identified as significantly serious by the first aider and the parent/carer/emergency contact person cannot be reached Bumblebee Sports will call an ambulance and admit the child to the appropriate medical practice. In these circumstances the child will always be accompanied by an adult.

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