We have a curriculum and we also use well researched drills and activities that help children learn socialize, work as a team and grasp life skills that are instrumental in their overall development.


We are in the business of building character and making champions, We coach children in different sports and use sports to educate them on fundamental life values while promoting practice of good character qualities like friendship and teamwork.

We endevour to make our classes as fun and entertaining as possible to the children. We also organise fun filled and objective tournaments for beginners and advanced players where kids from different clubs and schools meet to compete and make new friends.

We are currently conducting Tennis classes at

  • Public Service Club, Upper Hill
  • Hillcrest International School, Karen
  • Nairobi Academy, Karen.
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The classes are grouped as per the age groups, though collective age group activities also feature.The children are monitored and further grouped according to their level of play.

We also engage the children in tournaments like mini tennis tournaments that are modeled to suit beginners and junior ranking tournaments for advanced players. This helps them in goal setting, coping with failure and building confidence.

We are also working on introducing other sports like soccer, basketball and other sports that interests kids.